Meeting halfway. 
A reciprocal affair- a cyclic pull, pre-conscious, subliminally directed towards, whoknows- nevertheless.
There is a journey at hand. One leaves. (A leaving presupposes a departure. A departure from a point in space. The movement, the parting is separating this point in space, dragging time along, enter ‘temps’, temporality, temperament. Oh! We must first de-part. A double leaving, a leaving twice.) Now, see, we must first say goodbye. (A goodbye is always an act of remembrance, an unforgetting. The point of departure resurfaces after departure, as all points would naturally do. But not as a specter. We are not haunted.)

Then the ‘hello' is a proper hello, a hello fresh and first, incised in it the remembrance of departing. A hello that will land and weigh when we meet each other, halfway.

We shall meet halfway. We shall say hello. I shall pre-cognize in your hello, the faint presence of goodbyes, and I shall be conquered by it, its incision visceral. Then and there I shall know; I am embedded in vastness, you, whom I meet.

Suppose Dido, the queen of Carthage was to detangle my skin, my flesh, my bones, my nerves, and bacterias galore. Would I not bound the vastness itself?
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